Our DIY cookie kits are here to make your life easier. Every kit makes about 7 (100 gram each) cookies. You can bake them all at once or save them in the freezer and bake one-by-one whenever you feel like a yummy snack.

All Valentine DIY kits will be shipped on the 11th of February. 
The Cookie Casa DIY kits are designed to make baking cookies easy. And fun. And yummy. And what better way to spend Valentine’s Day baking with your date?
unsalted butter, light brown sugar, white sugar, baking powder, baking soda, cornstarch, skimmed milk powder, salt, all purpose flour, white chocolate chips, cacao powder, red gel color
If you order 1 DIY kit, it will be packed into a holographic bubble envelope and the package will fit through your mailbox. If you order 2 or more the kits will be packed into one of our boxes and you will have to stay at home tot receive your package. (if does save you some delivery costs ;-))