What’s in the name? From a young age I stood in the kitchen watching and helping my father cook. I always loved food and especially sweet things. 11ses – [coffee with something sweet], is my guilty pleasure. Not a day goes by that I don’t enjoy this moment. The difficult part is to find that perfect sweet thing, that hits the spot, the amazing balance between cakey and crunchy. I prefer a hint of chocolate and it has to be fresh. Safe to say an amazing cookie will hit the spot for this Cook. So when Lauren approached me to help Cookie Casa to the next level, I jumped at the opportunity. 


Professional cake maker, entrepreneur and allround creative. I love to spend my time in the kitchen baking, as well as designing, developing and creating cool new products. That’s how Cookie Casa was born. Since we were all spending most of our 2020 indoors, I figured.. why not do that while baking your own cookies with cool DIY kits and yummy cookies?

In sweets I love the combination of sweet and salty. Overly sweet things just don’t do it for me. That’s how I came up with a mix of all these cool, new flavors like birthday sprinkle, miso pecan and lemon poppyseed. Everyone has a different taste and let’s be honest.. What’s better to have a bit of everything?

Teaming up with Nadia is the best thing ever. She’s organized and business minded and she helps me flutter around in my creativity and together we make the perfect team!